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Cinematic Art


At CCP, we beleive that film has a great responsibility to raise social awareness through entertainment, and all our projects are designed with this in mind.

Marty Lang

Evergreen Productions


“I've worked with Matt and Sari for the past five years, both in front and behind the camera, and they're both talented, experienced and enthusiastic filmmakers. If you're looking to create visual media, CCP is the only company to call."

Gary Fierro

Road Work Pictures


“Counterfeit Cow's time spent with us in developing our feature was a great asset. Their knowledge, positivity and willingness to give their all in helping create a great product was truly invaluable. Looking forward to working with them again!”

Trish Clark

Supersing Producer at ITVFF


“Counterfeit Cow Productions is a determined and caring group of production professionals. They enjoy the work they do and it certainly shows. The end results are poignant and entertaining. They are an amaing group to work with, book them while you can.”

Alex Laferriere

LaffRaff Inc.


“Counterfeit Cow has more power and punch than any other thoroughbred horse on the market. You'd think the two creative souls that brought this company out to pasture were full of bull$#!+ with the quality, price, and speed of production, but it's simply their passion for the art and creative process that makes their craft true to form.”

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